Monday, February 13, 2012

February 1-12 Construction Montage

Alright, here's my attempt at catching up with some construction pictures from earlier this month. This string of pictures shows the pace of construction. I'll have a few shots from the North facing side of the building soon. Click on any of the pictures below to see a larger version of the picture.
February 12: Far West Side of South Facing Wall

February 12: Are Those Anchors for Signage?

February 12: Closeup of Completed Siding

February 2: Tighter Shot of Workers Adding Siding
February 2

February 2: Addition of Siding Panels
February 1: Night Shot

February 1: Day Shot

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Costco Construction at Night and Costco Cancún, Mexico

Here's a different view of construction. The building is lit from within and it makes for a neat view of the framework. This picture was taken this past Monday, 1/30 after returning from a trip to Mexico.

We flew into Cancún and there's a Costo right downtown. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to stop in and check out the samples they offer in Mexico. My wife loves to visit local groceries wherever we go to check out the local foods. The store to the left of Costco in the picture below is Mega Comercial, which is a cross between a Walmart/Meijer and a department store. We shopped at Mega during our trip for breakfast foods and avocados for guacamole hour.

Side note, half car half pickup trucks are still sold in Mexico. In the US, they are known by the popular model name El Camino. In Australia, they're known by the class of vehicle called a Ute. Either way, I want one. The only current option in the US is the Subaru Baja. The problem with this is my wife said we'll never own one. Oh well. There were rumors a few years back that GM was going to sell a US version of the Holden Ute with a small block V8. Imagine a Pontiac GTO from a few years ago with a truck bed. Well, it never happened.