Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Foodie Roadtrip Detroit Style

Mexicantown Churros and Tacos, Eastern Market, and Michigan Central Station

This past Saturday, we jumped in the family truckster to check out Eastern Market in Detroit and finish up with lunch in Mexicantown. If you've never been to Eastern Market, imagine the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market is Danny DeVito's character in the movie Twins compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger as Eastern Market. The place is huge with vendors hawking everything from fresh cut flowers to butchered pork and Angus beef. The unseasonably cold weather kept us moving quickly from stall to stall and Shed to Shed sampling tasty bits along the way. Eastern Market is definitely on the repeat visit list, especially as the weather warms up again.

Our next stop was Taqueria Lupita's in Mexicantown, next to the site of Tiger's Stadium. They're known for their Tacos Al Pastor and fresh salsas but everything on the menu looked good. Their tacos are authentic with two corn or flour tortillas and your choice of Pastor, Carnitas, Asada, Pollo, Buche, Chorizo, Lengua filling with optional onions and cilantro. There are more fillings I can't remember but that should give you a good start. The meal was rounded out with a refreshing horchata.

For dessert, we popped down to La Gloria Bakery to pick up some goodies. You can see the picture of my churro below, which was very tasty. They also had a caramel filled churro if you're the type that needs more cowbell.

Along the way we passed Michigan Central Station. This is one of the landmarks visited in Palladium Boots video 'Detroit Lives' hosted by Johnny Knoxville. The scale of this building is a clear indication of the level of train traffic through Detroit during it's heyday. Detroit was the fourth largest city in America in the 1920-1940 census.

Our final stop on our trip to the "D" was Belle Isle. I could imagine this island park rivaling the likes of Central Park in New York, or Golden Gate Park in San Francisco or even Forest Park in St. Louis in amenities, attractions and accessibility not necessarily size. The Detroit Grand Prix is only 37 days away. Grand stands, barriers and "candy canes" are showing up around the Isle. It was neat to drive parts of the course before the race.

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