Monday, May 14, 2012

Today's Costco Purchases

My wife and I stopped in Costco Livonia II on our way to dinner with our moms and dads at Sharaku (link to Yelp!). They have great authentic style Japanese food.

We picked up peach roses for her mother and pink roses for mine. $16.99 per bundle of two dozen roses

Also on our list for this trip were these no slip hangers for around $9.99. I know what you're thinking, "Yay! Hangers!"  Here's why we picked them up, they're less than $0.30/hanger, they're non slip so clothing doesn't get "those weird shoulder nipples," and they're slim and don't take up precious closet space. The above quote is from my wife.

Next on the list is a bag of shelled pistachios. I'm not a mathematician and didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn Express but here's why this makes sense. You get 3.5 times more nuts for 2.25 times the price, and they're already shelled. Ok, some of us like to shell pistachios but that's a big difference.

Planters pistachios from a national chain, 196 grams of nuts (7 servings of 28gr), $6.49.
Wonderful shelled pistachios from Costco, 690 grams of nuts already shelled (23 servings of 30gr), $14.59.

I'm trying something new and this product comes down in price when purchased in bulk. This 6 lb. bag of CytoSport cost $44.99 for 75 servings or about $0.60 per serving. The plan is to make protein bars using protein powder, rolled oats, milk and ground pistachios (already shelled). I'll let you know how this goes.

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