Friday, May 18, 2012

Why I look forward to the Costco opening #7


They're one of the first things you see when entering a Costco. All those screens playing the same video inviting you to come over and take a look at all the bright, shiny toys.

I purchased my last big screen TV from Costco about six years ago. The initial plan was to pick up a 52" plasma which would fit perfectly in a converted bedroom, but instead walked out with a 67" Samsung DLP. This change of plan caused a few headaches that were easily overcome and the trouble was worth the effort.

First, the TV would not fit in my friend's SUV. Easy fix, we walked across the parking lot to Home Depot and rented a pickup truck for $20. Second, my fiance had the house key and my friends and I were locked out of the house. This time, we found an open window, my friend busted through the screen and unlocked the door. Our neighbor later came by to ask if everything was OK, since she saw someone crawling through our window. I explained the situation and they definitely got a laugh out of it. Of course I had to re-screen the window. Finally, my fiance came home and was completely surprised that the 52" TV was instead 67". She wasn't convinced that the TV I came home with was better than the TV we had planned to purchase. Regardless, she's a believer now, gets great enjoyment from it and we still ended up married. Now she jokes that our neighbors can watch shows through our windows.

I don't regret purchasing the DLP over a plasma or LCD. The picture is still very bright and clear and the 1080i resolution is more than adequate for the time being. At the time of purchase, Costco still honored their open return policy which gave me confidence to purchase the TV.

The downside of purchasing a TV from Costco is the lack of knowledgeable sales staff. But, that limitation is becoming less of a factor as savvy consumers will do their research online before making a final purchase.

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