Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I look forward to the Costco opening #8

Alright dog lovers, this one is for you! We've got a Golden Retriever and when she was a puppy one of her favorite things to do was tear up dog beds. The reality is that she loved to tear the filling out of anything that was stuffed. Anyway. We tried all different brands and styles, even one that was advertised as "indestructible." She amazed us and destroyed that too. Luckily, the company just refunded our money without having us return the bed.

So, with our destructive puppy we started looking for inexpensive dog beds. What we found at Costco were ~$20 dog beds that met the wife's fashion standard. Luckily, the puppy grew up and out of the dog bed destruction phase and we found a ready source of good looking inexpensive dog beds.

Quick story: our friends came over to visit and brought a stuffed dog toy for the dog. It was a nice gesture and of course our dog loved it. Our friends were soon very surprised and somewhat disturbed when they saw what the dog did next. She started by chomping on the squeaker and finished by eviscerating the stuffed animal. Stuffed animal filling was flying everywhere. When she had finished gutting the stuffed animal, our adorable dog looked up with a cute grin for which Golden's are known. Now we give our dog hard rubber toys, like Kongs. She loves the original red Kong and there's less filling to clean up.

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